1 ½ Cup East-West Spicy Ginger Dipping Sauce
2 Lbs Flank Steak
¼ Cup Oil
2 Stalks Green Onion (Slivered)
2 Tbsp Sesame Seeds (Optional)

1. Place Steak and 1 Cup Sauce in Freezer Bag and Marinate at Least 2 Hours

2. Prepare Hot Grill and Brush Racks with Oil

3. Place Flank on Hottest Part Grill for 1-2 Min. And Move to a Medium Heat Section of Grill and Cook Until Desired Doneness: 125—130 Degree for Rare; 140 Degree for Medium Rare; 150 Degree for Medium

4. When Steak is Done to Your Liking, Remove from Grill, Place on Cutting Board and Cover with Foil for 15 Min.

5. Cut Steak Across Grain of Meat and at a Diagonal so the Slices Are Wide.

6. Heat Excess Sauce and Serve with Flank Steak

7. Garnish with Green Onion and Sesame Seeds


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